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Air Jordan XX2 22

this is one of the best Air Jordan commercials in recent years. I love the drama, music, and symbolism in this movie.


Anyone know the song of this commercial?


This is one awesome Ad. I love the way that they didn't need to have a professional ball player to get the point across. I also love how they flipped it the other way around, showing the look of defeat, by a pair of Air Jordan XX2.


it's the Lacrimosa verse of Mozart's Requiem in D Minor


thank you so much i have been looking for this song forever. I love this commercial.

eloy ramirez

I have been a subscriber to your blog for some time. I wish you would post more. I know though, that it can become "another thing on the list"...but I have enjoyed your posts. Anyway, I am working on a project in Grad school, and I needed a "storytelling" as marketing project and I remembered this video. But I could not find it. Then I remembered it your site and found it again. {there are plenty of low quality versions out there, but not the full res one on the nike site}. nonetheless, thanks and keep up the good work.

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