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dj mirateck

i teared the first time i saw this video. it was that beautiful.



Check out this video. al gore remixed by team canada


what are D's? Anyone? Anyone?

dj mirateck

whitegirlfromdaburbs (awesome typekey name btw):

D's = dubs = big ass rims

the izza

Given that the car is a Cadillac, the "Ds" are probably not dubs, but in fact most likely and more specifically "Daytons".


...damn shame.i hate when niggas try to act hard and rollin wit stank ass white hoes. keep it real dawg


dats bedang!

the izza

If rollig with white girls dilutes your blackness, you probably weren't that black to begin with, homie. Welcome to 1975.


Thanks DJ M for bringing me into the light!

Tariq King

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