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Clyde Smith

DVD magazines seem like a cool thing to get involved with.

I have to say I don't understand why you're pushing a new beef in which they're already making threats about shooting.

I don't care what kind of spin you put on lines like "my Dominicans will put one in your face" or whatever he said. This isn't Chuck D using Uzi as a metaphor and there are a lot of folks that take this shit seriously.

Not a good look, Hashim.


whoa! pulled the burners out on this one! what's TruLife so mad for anyway?

dj mirateck

Hey Clyde- Don't kill the messenger.


The video was not recorded by nor has anything to do with LIFE DVD. I recorded it personally, and uploaded it on my own.

I'd appreciate it if you fixed that. Thanks.

Clyde Smith

DJ Miratek, I hear what you're saying, nice pun or whatever!

Hashim's obviously using a beef to promote a dvd in a way that can only promote the beef. And there now seems to be a claim that LIFE DVD was not involved.


DJ Miratek, would you carry the message "my Dominicans will put one in your face"? I wouldn't.

Clyde Smith

Looks like you linked to the wrong one:


The counter-argument to don't kill the messenger is the media is the message....

Or as Sacha Orenstein just blogged at Oh Word:

"TV (rap news) used to be around solely to sell the product of live shows (rap records), but over time it’s proven so effective that’s it’s become the product itself. After all, who in their right mind would ever buy a Tony Yayo record, or even listen to the bootleg twice? Yet judging from news stand sales, a fair amount of people would be interested in a tell-all Yayo interview about the Busta Rhymes bodyguard shooting. Controversy sells. In fact, it sells so much that it’s only worth producing actual content for illusion’s sake. There needs to be some sort of a viable reason for people to be interested in rappers shooting at each other, it might as well be because they make music."

Clyde Smith

We're all participants unless we actively choose not to be.

Hashim, you're welcome on the video correction that now leads to the folks you're trying to promote.

Glad to be of service.


Clyde, I noticed the wrong video and switched it before I saw your comment, But thanks anyway.


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the izza

Yo, Clyde... stop trying to play overseer, checking my folks like you have a clue.Those whithout stake have no voice in the community. Get back to your D-kwon's Dance Move tape and shut the fuck up.

Hashim. Get the weed in the bag. Then step the game up.


You east coast clowns love trama. In chicago we have the streets. Our hip hop scence is mediocre. Meanwhile, yall should embrace the the new drug game like players. ya dig

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