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For me The Source is the #1 hip hop magazine. They employ a better class of writer and do full research on their topics, before they put pen to paper. XXL goes overboard in trying to be too ghetto, and Eliott Wilson's editorials at the opening of the magazine have me bowing my head with embarrassment each month.

dj mirateck

1) TheFader- whenever they have a blown out hiphop section, its on point.
2) Scratch- true to the music without all the hype and bling bullshit.
3) Elemental- one of the few magazines that recognizes indie hiphop and puts upcoming artists in the spotlight.
4) Vibe, XXL- for whenever i need to catch up on mainstream tip.

mike jones [the writer]

yo i like how you put "auto" in quotes like that-50 is a sucka. but anyway Hashim i want yto holla @you about something-and i couldnt figure out ya email-get back at me at mine


WHA!...you saying "XXL" is the #1 HIP-HOP MAGAZINE???
Is that a JOKE???

XXL is not even Hip-Hop!
IT'Z motha-fuckin' RAP sheit!

1) All they cover in there is BLACK artists I've noticed.
I'm not a racist but it's just another one of those A-A outlets

2) What about GRAFFITTI?? DJING? EMCEEING (REAL emceeing, not rap)???

3) There is a difference between RAP and HIP-HOP, and that ain't no HIP-HOP!

THIS SHIT IS FUNNY!!!!: (read this -->);
Why is it that everytime I flip through an "XXL", I never see nobody smiling!!! Everyone has that pose where they look up and not smile! LOL!! (just thought that was funny!!!!)
***I actually looked through 4-5 other XXL mag issues just to see if I can fnd ANYONE smiling,......NOPE!!!
(great message your sending out guyz, lol!)

Look!; I've been in-tuned into this culture way too long to be fooled by "XXL". I'm a educated mixed-raced HIP-HOP enthusiast and I've GRAFF'ed for 6+ years, BBOY'ed for 5+ years, DJing 7+ years and still going on strong.

All I can say is,....XXL can't fool me!
If I really want to be in-tuned with what'z with hip-hop, honestly I'll buy like "FADER", "ELEMENTAL', or "URB" is pretty nice too.

I'd buy "XXL" if I was wanting to know what brain-washng scheme the media would like for people to like.
...hip-hop is an underground culture. If you are part of the masses, how can call yourself hip-hop?

NuFunk Defile Muzik
"I ain't a player, I just FUNK alot!"

Anthony Graves

The International Hip-Hop Speakers Bureau Announces New Partnerships with HipHopCanada.com and Hip-Hop Japan
NEW YORK, NEW YORK August 02, 2007 Music: Rap and Hip Hop News

(PRLEAP.COM) NEW YORK CITY, NY – The International Hip-Hop Speakers Bureau announced today its expanded global reach through partnerships with HipHopCanada.com and Hip-Hop Japan. With relationships now expanding beyond domestic borders, the bureau has rapidly become the most sought-after lecture management agency for presenters of Hip-Hip and its related culture.

Armed with a roster of Hip-Hop executives, authors, artists, intellectuals and tastemakers, the bureau seeks to decriminalize Hip-Hop’s public image by providing speakers for lectures, keynote addresses, presentations and panel discussions. "This is simply my innovative offering to elevate Hip-Hop one mic at a time," said Saideh Browne, President of the bureau. "Because of our independence from record labels and other corporate interests, our speakers are free to address today’s hottest topics from a Hip-Hop perspective.”

With Bruce George, co-founder of Def Poetry Jam, serving as the Executive Consultant/VP of Business Development and Dee Dee Cocheta, President of A.B.C. Associates PR & Marketing Firm in Atlanta Georgia, serving as the VP of Marketing and Public Relations; colleges, universities, non-profit organizations and national associations can rest assured their speaker/investment is armed with more than “you know what I’m sayin’,” and that presentations will really challenge audiences to seek solutions to and question the ideals of many hot-button issues. The site will rotate its featured speakers on a regular basis; recently featured speakers include:

• Renowned Hip-Hop Photographer Ernie Paniccioli
• Professor Griff of Public Enemy
• Relentless Aaron who recently released a novel on 50 Cents’ G-Unit Books
• Djuan Coleon, Co-CEO, The Good Life Media Group
• Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers

Interested event managers and meeting planners are encouraged to contact the bureau’s global headquarters for the most updated roster of speakers and availability. For added convenience, many of our speakers can be booked directly through the website at www.HipHopSpeakersBureau.com, via email at [email protected] or by telephone at 212-330-9140.

About The International Hip-Hop Speakers Bureau
The International Hip-Hop Speakers Bureau is the leading lecture management agency for Hip-Hop and urban culture experts. Headquartered in Times Square-New York City, with affiliates in Japan, Canada and the UK, the bureau seeks to consistently offer a wide-range of speakers who address today’s hottest topics from a Hip-Hop perspective.

About Saideh Browne
After working as KRS-One’s personal assistant and seeking the truth about spirituality and metaphysics, Saideh made her exodus from the Hip-Hop industry in 2003. Since then, she has nationally released three non-fiction books; From Hip-Hop to Heaven, From Hip-Hop to Heaven for Girls and Can Hip-Hop be Holy? Saideh serves as the President of The International Hip-Hop Speakers Bureau and travels extensively throughout the country encouraging those who hear her voice to simply “rock your skills.”

Saideh Browne, Bruce George, Dee Dee Cocheta and most of the registered speakers with the bureau are available for interview .

~ end ~

About This Release
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Speakers Bureau
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Marcia Rodriguez

It's about time we have something like this. Bravo.

Sai Browne, Pres of the Hip-Hop Speakers Bureau

Thanks so much for posting my press release. Thanks even more for the support - let me know if you ever touch down in NYC!


alianzagalactiK Banda de Rap. Medellin - Colombia

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Alianzagalactik Inks Global Digital Distribution Deal

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The Medellin, Columbia based Spanish language rap band, chooses comprehensive digital distribution network to over 300 plus online and mobile retailers around the world

Hong Kong, SAR, March 23, 2009 -- 51 Entertainment Worldwide Net, Limited (51EWWN), a leading provider of global entertainment & media services, today announced that it has just signed a lucrative worldwide distribution deal with the hard-hitting Latin rap sensation Alianzagalactik. This partnership will enable Alianza Galactik to expand its reach with the dissemination of their music outside Columbia and in key markets in the United States, Europe and Japan. 51 EWWN will also be responsible for digital sales of ringtones and other mobile features that would revolve around Alianzagalactik’s catalogue of songs.

“The deal will significantly expand our reach outside Columbia without the traditional upfront costs of physical distribution”, said Yazmìn Garcia of the Medellin, Columbia based group. “We are excited to have found a solid partner for our digital distribution, so that we can reach new fans interested in Spanish language rap music all over the world”, she further commented.

Their latest two music Albums Colombianos de Barrio (Translated: Colombians of Neighborhood) and Frecuencia (Translated: Frequency) will be available through 51EWWN’s digital distribution network which includes all the major distributors such as iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Sprint, and Verizon as well as dozens of newly emerging outlets. We distribute to over 300 online and mobile retailers around the world.

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Travis w=White

I am in San Francisco seeking someone in Japan that can work with me on a project pertaining to hip hop. I'm on Facebook Travis White. This can be a lucrative venture

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