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Hooray for the Google bomb.

I did my part.

Jordan Web

i am friends with the Alchemist I talked to him about this spamming... and he laughed and has no idea what spam is and its not him thats doing it.


Why are you hating on Al ? Sounds like you don't really have much going on in your life. STOP HATING ON THE DON .....BOW DOWN TO SOMEONE GREATER THAN YOURSELF TRICK!!!!

hip hop 4 life

We love the Alchemist C.D
1ST Infantry ... A true hip hop classic

hip hop lives in me

So now I'm bent on ruining the Alchemist's day. ?????

Whoever posted that bullshit is fuckin dumb. The Alchemist is dope. He dont need to advertise his shit by spamming YOUR website. Don't flatter yourself, idiot.

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