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Word - Rocafella was recently about to work with Posh Spice too.


i cant belive you gonna hate like that but hey do ya thang just dont mention nuthin bout my boy talib no mo! :)


Man.............this borther is so true........i hate this mixing....and RUFF RYDERS AND POP!!!! uhhhhhhhh!!!aight....i have no more comments on this.....this jus sucks...el paso brothers........


Ruff Ryders....POP.....mannn hell naw.
They just defeating the purpose of Ride or Die and what the name was orignally was made for. Ride or Die Bitch...hardcore, streets, thugs, you know Ruff Rydaaaaa. Man if they do this, this just won't be their third mistake it will be they last mistake cuz if the shit go sideways, they won't have chance to make a mistake.

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