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"IN: emcees retiring
OUT: emcees getting killed
NEVER WAS: emcees turning to God
ALWAYS WILL: emcees going to jail"

Haha, great stuff Hashim.



I think The Ave is definitely in - even over XXL. And as for Vibe, c'mon now back at the jump off the mag was dope. Y'all know it was hot back '93 - '95.

Lt. roastabotch

do anybody know who the girl is in the blue in the freekaleek video.


So you're saying you'd rather see an MC go to jail than turn to god? This is why a third of black males over 25 are in jail, why children are raised without fathers in the ghettos with no chance of getting out, and why young men are becoming larcenists and murderers at young ages out of sheer desperation. Oh and by the way the reason the Aesop Rock look never was is because he's REJECTING the retarded cookie cutter fashion statements made by every other MTV Mc. Regardless, he's 10 times the lyricist than any MC on MTV. PS. check out Marsill


PPS Jaylo is a corporate media ho. Sure I'd like a piece, but always will should at least include someone who can write her own stuff.
(dont be fooled by the rocks, or the million dollar ass insurance)

Alan Lewis

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in-me out-u


I have to say MYA will always be IN, in my heart. I met her and she is sooo fine! and real cool..

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